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Green is clean. Clean is serene
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Green is Clean. Clean is Serene


About Us

Eco-friendly Green Cleaning


We have been in business since November of 2011. 

Our professional cleaning services- we organize, scrub, deep-clean and de-clutter. We pride ourselves with honesty, confidentiality, hard-working, reliable staff and great communication. Eco-friendly Green Cleaning Service is committed to provide a remarkable experience with a responsible attitude, hands on, caring staff who are meticulous and pay attention to every detail required to give your home an Eco-friendly clean and welcome atmosphere. Privacy and confidentiality is our number one priority.

   We are an environmentally friendly company that uses products that has little or no effect on the environment or a person’s health. Global Warming is a big concern to all of humanities and governments around the world. We as a cleaning company want to do our part in this global effort in keeping the environment safe. All of our products are made from natural homemade items or at times we use products from companies that share the same goal.  

What is an Eco-friendly?

 The term "Eco-friendly" is used to describe activities which are good for the environment. Its is a shortening of "ecologically friendly", and you many also hear terms like "environmentally friendly" or green and are used  to describe similar activities. There are a range of ways in which activities can be Eco-friendly, ranging from products which are constructed in an environmentally friendly way to making lifestyle changes which are designed to benefit the environment and one’s health 

Why go green?

People engage in eco-friendly activities because they are concerned about the environment and their own health. Environmental issues were first pushed to the forefront of the collective consciousness in the late 1900s, when people realized that their activities were having a negative impact on the environment. Dangerous chemicals in normal cleaning products can have a negative impact on one’s health from constant exposure. All are sensitive to these chemicals but babies, pregnant mothers and animals can be most at risk. In the end the cost of an Eco-friendly cleaning outweighs the benefits. And it is much cheaper in the long-term to take initiatives to protect ones health and the environment.  We as a company make every effort to make our services affordable and competitive for all our clients.  

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