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Quotes Hi Mandy, Everything was fantastic on Saturday. i can't say enough about her - on time (early actually, a rarity!), polite, thorough, helpful and friendly. and i must say, it has been a pleasure to deal with you as well -- your emails responses were timely and professional. many thanks all around. Quotes
Everything was fantastic on Saturday

Quotes I love Mandy's cleaning service. She does a fabulous and thorough job every time. She has always done her best to accommodate our schedules and prefers- but does not require- a walk through. She asks that you provide a broom, a mop or swifter, trash bags and paper towels. She comes equipped with everything else. I have used her three times, and each time Mandy has gone out of her way to run her business well and in my opinion she succeeds. It is always such a treat to come home to an apartment after she has been there! Quotes
Cari G
Very Satisfied

Quotes Please don't be swayed by the requirements for having your own cleaning products. The LivingSocial program is great for the consumer, but absolutely terrible for the merchant. The promotion costs you maybe half of her usual fee, but LivingSocial also claims half that cost, leaving almost no profit. It exists as a way to attract new clients at a heavy discount. So, if you're getting such a great deal on the service, you should not expect the luxurious frills of a full-service session. Please, if you're hiring her via LivingSocial, read the voucher and requirements carefully, and you'll see that the service is still an excellent value. Bite the bullet, go to CVS, and pick up the cleaning supplies. She'll be doing much better work with them than you would. For what should have been a very basic, "introductory-level" cleaning service, Mandy did an above-and-beyond job, and was a joy to have around the apartment. We will hire her again, which is the whole point. Thanks Mandy! Quotes
Richard F.
Mandy did an above-and-beyond job

Quotes Me: You know what I am doing right now? Collective you: OMG, what!? (bated breath) Me: Well, I'm sitting here on my perfectly dog hair-free sofa, drinking a lovely glass of wine, dinking around on the internet, listening to music and booking some travel to far off distant lands. CY: What!? How do you have time!? Me: Well, usually right about now I'd be frantically scrubbing the tub, vacuuming the floor, chasing tumbleweeds of dog hair across the floor, etc in prep to enjoy the weekend in a clean home. But NO! Today, Mandy from Mandy's Eco-Friendly Green Cleaning appeared, scrubbed this apartment from top to bottom in 3 hours....and I am relaxing. In a clean house. The only dog hair evident is still on the dog. CY: Whoa. Me: Indeed. Call Mandy, and get you some peace, people. --- I think I may have found my gal. IF today is any indication, Mandy is the real deal. I've tried FOUR other cleaning services, all which I found to be very lackluster. Quotes
Colleen Curtis
I think I've found my gal, indeed.

Quotes Mandy is wonderful --- very thorough and diligent., and a pleasure to be around. The house was sparkling when she left! I strongly recommend her services for a hassle free professional job. Quotes
happy customer