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Eco-Friendly Green Cleaning 


A major credit or debit card  deposit is required to secure an appointment

Other conditions apply

Basic Cleaning:

Cleaning kitchen: Outside cupboards, outside and top of fridge and doors. Cleaning inside and outside microwave, load dishwasher, (do not unload). Cleaning top and front of stove. Wiping all items and counter top and cleaning counter tops. Sweeping/vacuuming and washing kitchen floors. 

Bathroom: Taking all items from bathroom, cleaning sink, tub toilet and walls.We do not go all the way up to the ceiling tiles for basic cleaning

Living/dining and bedrooms:

Making beds. Wiping and dusting furniture sides and tops and items on furniture. We vacuuming top and underneath the pillows of the sofa and also vacuum, sweep and wipe all floors and under furniture. (Do not move furniture). 

Semi deep-clean :

Basic cleaning plus choosing one or two of the following services:  In kitchen which includes inside fridge, inside stove/oven, windows/sill and baseboards or full thorough cleaning in bathroom.

Deep Cleaning:

Making bed, cleaning inside microwave, load dishwasher, cleaning inside and outside cupboards and surfaces. Cleaning inside and outside fridge and inside and outside oven. Cleaning baseboards and window and window sills, moving furniture, removing all items off cupboards and items off all furniture clean and returned. Removing all items from bathroom clean and scrub corners, walls, tub, inside cabinet if necessary and washing all floors. It also includes dusting picture and blinds but blinds must be requested separately. A thorough cleaning of the entire apartment making it shiny and look almost like new

Spot carpet cleaning and wood floor rejuvenation

Using Shark Sonic Duo with its Non-toxic biodegradable products which is family friendly pets and kids. 

We provide all Eco-friendly cleaning products with paper towels and microfiber cloths. There is an         additional payment for vacuum, carpet spot cleaning, brooms and mops. If you have a discounted voucher you must provide paper towel, broom, vacuum and mop or swiffer. Discount vouchers are for promotional use only therefore, areas of cleaning are limited

Commercial Cleaning:

We do offices, office buildings, hotels/motels, Restaurants, bars, clubs, schools, Entertainment halls and after construction clean-up. 

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